Explore the World with VGVA

With over 1000 routes to every continent worldwide, weekly events, a modern Crew Center and the best staff team around, there’s sure to be something you’ll love.

3 Years of Innovation

VGVA is proud to be one of the most experienced Virtual Airlines in the Infinite Flight Community. We were founded in January 2018 as Virgin America Virtual then rebranded in late 2018 as our real world counterpart merged with Alaska Airlines.

Top-Notch Pilots

VGVA has a culture like no other. All our pilots strive for professionalism and realism in their flying, but don’t hesitate to chat and laugh with their peers. Not confident in your flying skills? That’s completely fine! Our pilot academy allows any and all pilots to reach the VGVA standard.

Fast and Simple Crew Center

Our Pilots love our custom-made Crew Center. It features everything a pilot needs, including PIREP Filing, Route Database, Featured Routes, Events and even an ACARS Feature to automatically fill much of the PIREP Form automatically.

Live Flights

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