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Virgin Virtual Group Infinite Flight

Our Fleet

The baby-bus operates in our Virgin America network throughout the US and Mexico and is accessible from the moment you join VGVA

The mighty A320 is the backbone of our Virgin America fleet and has a small regional presence in Western Australia with Virgin Australia. Both are accessible by First Officers (30hrs).

The A321 operates within our Virgin America network in the US and Mexico and is accessible from the rank of Senior First Officer (85hrs).

The Airbus A330 is part of the fleet of both Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia and we provide pilots the opportunity to fly the former at Second Officer (0hrs) and the latter at Senior First Officer (85hrs).

The A340, part of our legacy fleet, was retired from Virgin Atlantic in 2019. Pilots can fly the A340 at the rank of Senior First Officer, at 85 hours.

The backbone of international aviation, the 737 operates all over the Pacific and can be flown by pilots at First Officer (30hrs) or higher.

The Queen of the Skies operates between the UK and the Caribbean among other routes. This unique aircraft is available at the rank of Captain (135hrs).

The Boeing 777-300ER (77W) operates all Virgin Australia flights from the east coast of Australia to Los Angeles. The 77W is accessible at Senior First Officer – 85 hours.

The workhorse of the fleet, our 787 Dreamliner can take you everywhere from New York to Hong Kong. Pilots can fly the Dreamliner from the rank of Captain, at 135 hours.

The Citation X is the private aviation sector in Infinite Flight and allows you to fly anywhere on our network from the rank of Senior Captain (205hrs).

Our Team


Chief Executive Officer

Hi! I’m Velocity23. I’m the President here at VGVA and extremely proud to hold this position. I’ve been staff at VAs since joining Infinite Flight in 2018 and was Design Manager and COO before becoming President.


Chief Operations Officer

Hey, I am a major aviation enthusiast, I have been for several years now and I have been inspired enough by aviation that I want to make it my life. I got a recipe for this!


Chief Pilot

Hi, I’m Knellered. Originally from London, England but now residing in Los Angeles, CA. I’ve been with VGVA since 2017 (originally VXV) and have been a member of Staff since 2018. I likes Indian food, Ramen on Fridays and late 60’s Blue Note jazz. I make moving images in RL.


Recruitment Manager

Hey my name is Robert, I’ve been on Infinite Flight now for a few years and have loved every minute of it. You’ll find me in the skies pretty much every day mainly flying around Australia.


Pilot Experience Manager

Hi my name is Jamie, I have only recently joined VGVA but have loved every single second of it. I have been playing Infinite flight more about half a year now and have only just discovered how great this game is. I really do enjoy playing and helping here and hope you do to!

What our Pilots Say

"I’ve spent a lot of hours at Virgin Virtual and it never fails to impress me how many routes are accessible, with so many amazing routes all over the world I never get tired of flying for them, and with them in many occasions. The staff here are very kind, and definitely gave me and others a warm welcome when I first joined."
- Cpt Scott (VGVA44)

Flying the Infinite Skies

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