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Now Hiring
By Jackson Queneau

Are you interested in joining the VGVA staff team? Do you have a passion for management? Think your talents could come in handy? If so, you have come to the right place. PLEASE READ ALL FOLLOWING INFORMATION CAREFULLY BEFORE APPLYING. The Virgin Virtual Group staff team is looking for a new human resources manager (HRM).

This person would be responsible for:

  1. Maintaining a safe and peaceful social environment in our workspace.
  2. Ensure positive pilot experience and resolve conflicts.
  3. Assisting in the recruitment process
  4. Assisting in managing PIREPs
  5. Completing any other tasks assigned by senior management.


  1. At least 13 years of age
  2. Strong reading, writing, and social skills
  3. Able to keep a positive attitude at all times with pilots, staff, and other members of the IF community.
  4. Rank of Captain or higher (preferred, not required)
  5. Able to contribute an amount of time deemed acceptable by staff to duties
  6. No history of misbehavior and a good standing with the IFVARB, IFC, and on live servers.
  7. Absent from the IFVARB watchlist and blacklist.
  8. Not currently staff at another VA, and 90 days since resignation of any prior staff position.

You can look through other IFVARB policies here: IFVARB. Meet the requirements? Go ahead and apply! You will receive a PM through slack (if internal) or IFC (if external) shortly after you submit your application saying your application has been reviewed. VGVA will decide who we want once all applications are in.

Apply through the application form on the IFVARB website: